Jade is exotic and beautiful, but also quite sensible. Unlike "V" shaped bodies, star shaped bodies can be carved so as to create a natural balance. Anyone who has played both while sitting down can attest to that.

Her solid poplar body is lightweight (she weighs just 6lbs 11oz) and works especially well to brighten up the tones usually associated with maple and rosewood necks. It's finished with tung oil for a solid finish that retains the natural beauty of the wood while at the same time being water repellent and fingerprint resistant. Just wipe with a soft cloth (included) to clean.

She's slender, and that includes her neck. Maple shaft with a beautiful dark Indian rosewood fretboard. The frets are medium jumbo ncikel silver. The tuners are thumbwheel locking. This awesomely slick oil finished neck gets smoother and slicker the more you play it. Slim "C" profile, 0.78" thick at the first fret, 0.83" at the 12th. Nut width 1.65", width at the 12th fret 2.0"

Get ready to shred!

Two GFS Power Rails pickups ensure that she'll be able to scream or purr. Featuring chrome covered ceramic magnets wound to 16K for the bridge pickup and 10K for the neck. ! Excellent for classic rock and metal, or anytime you need to kick up your output.

The locking bridge delivers rock solid intonation, and is adjustable in all directions. Both the saddles and the posts lock, so it will always stay right where you set it. The string through body coupled with the brass string nut insures excellent sustain.

You want wild natural beauty with an eye-catching look? A metal monster or a classic shredster? Then go ahead--hit that "Buy" button!

You will not regret it.