Maryjane is a partscaster with the essence of the Rocky Mountains.  Her white pine body may or may not have come from here in Colorado, but I sure do see a lot of those trees around here (Denver--we're not in the mountains, but you can see them real good from here).

In true mountain fashion, Maryjane's body took the mahogany red dye and hard oil finish that I applied, and gave me medium brown, yellow, and tan streaks.  After a nice and vigorous rubdown with carnauba wax, she's shiny, doesn't show fingerprints, and water just beads up on her.  To keep her looking great, just rub her down with a soft cloth to clean and shine.  Small scratches can frequently be rubbed out (just like on oil finished furniture).

I routed the body for a T-style bridge and pickup, and a humbucker neck pickup, but couldn't come up with a combination that I liked.  So I mated a large pole GFS T-style pickup with a Seymour Duncan SLS-1 "lipstick tube".  The result was fabulous!

But I didn't have an adapter ring for the lipstick tube, to fit it to the humbucker rout.  So I ran outside, cut a piece of the diamond plate out of the bed of my truck, and fashioned one out of that.  The Rocky Mountain way! :)

OK, so that isn't really true.  Actually, that pickup ring was made by my good friends at Snakebite Custom Guitar Design.  They do excellent and creative metal work.

That bridge pickup with the oversized pole pieces not only minimizes string drop, it also gives you a sort of snappy twang and vibrant highs, to balance out and the smooth and even response of the lipstick tube.

The Duncan lipstick tube is RW/RP, so it gives you a full humbucker effect.  A really sweet and soaring humbucker.  With the available tonesets and the light weight (6 1/2 lbs).

The all maple neck is adorned with black pearl dots and nickel string retainers.  Medium jumbo frets grace the fretboard, anchored by a graphite nylon string nut.

At the bottom of the strings, we have a beautiful chrome T-style bridge.  At the top, Hipshot tuners.

I can hardly put her down long enough to take pics and write this.  Buy her today, and experience playing at a higher elevation!

Specs (ask questions if you need more info):

Weight--6lbs 8oz

Body--White pine

Finish--Hard oil

Pickups--GFS "Fatbody" Tele pickup
Seymour Duncan SLS-1

Three way switch.  Up to down, neck, both, bridge.
Volume control
Tone control

Scale length 25 1/2in
.78" thickness at first fret, .84" at twelfth
Solid maple
Straight 3x3 headstock
Medium jumbo frets
Black pearl dots
Graphite nylon string nut

Hipshot locking open geared tuners

Dunlop strap pegs (works with regular straps, and also Duncan Strap-loks, which I heartily recommend)


Maryjane, The Rocky Mountain Partscaster