Diane is strikingly beautiful and beautifully playable.

Her solid alder body is adorned with a walnut burl veneer, and finished to a brilliant shine with a hard oil finish.  The finish makes the wood harder, and is resistant to fingerprints and water.  Clean and shine with a dry, soft, cloth.

Her neck is cherry, with a Patagonian rosewood fretboard.  12" straight radius, 21 medium frets, mother of pearl fret markers and side dots. 

The neck profile is a full "C" shape, .84" at the first fret, .94" at the 12th, gives you a pretty full taper.  Nut width is 1.67", 2.03" width at the 12th fret.

The pickups give you all you need to make sounds loud or mellow.  But especially loud.  The neck pickup is a Seymour Duncan Invader, one of the best high output ceramics made.  Wound to 16.6K, it's loud and unapologetic, with a surprisingly wide high end.

The neck pickup is a Caliguitar Heavy Rail.  Wound to 8.8K, it has a surprisingly fat bottom end, and blends very well with the Invader.  Together, they produce huge, full tone.  With the Invader's oversized pole pieces, and the Heavy Rail's ceramic rail, you don't lose any string presence, and you can bend to your heart's desire with no string "drop out".

The controls are a 3 way pickup selector switch, with individual 2 way coil taps that allow you to select either the north or south coil of each pickup for a good variety of single coil tones.  Leave the switch in the middle position for normal full humbucker action.  Master volume and tone knobs round out the controls.

The string path begins with a Schaller 3D-6 top loading bridge.  This is one of the best hardtail bridges I've ever seen.  Strings load easily, and the steel rollers help maintain tuning stability.  The rollers are adjustable, so you can fine tune the string spacing.  Plus it preserves tons of sustain.

No string trees, because the bone nut and the low profile tuners work together to mute the strings very well.  No buzzy overtones with no string retainers.  Between the Hipshot locking tuners and the Schaller bridge, string changes couldn't be easier or faster.

She weighs in at 8 lbs, 4 oz.  You won't want to set her down, and you won't have to, either.

Diane--Crunchy Partscaster From Estes Electrostring!