Tina is hot and cool.  Her pine body is dyed amber, with a black and red outline, finished in a shiny hard oil finish that resists fingerprints and water. Clean and shine occasionally with a dry, soft cloth.

That's cool.

Her single bridge pickup is a Seymour Duncan Hot Stack for Tele.  It's actually a stacked humbucker that uses a single alnico blade magnet as a pole piece. Wonderful string presence, and no string dropout at all.  Wound to 21.4K, it lives up to its name. The result is noiseless operation while preserving much of the twang and mid response of a classic alnico telecaster bridge pickup, with a somewhat warmer output.  Use the coil tap for single coil operation and vintage tones.

That's hot.

The controls are volume, coil tap switch (for single coil operation) and tone.

Then there's the neck.  Maple with a rosewood fretboard, pearloid fret markers and white side dots.  the fretboard has a 9.5" straight radius, and has 22 medium frets.  The neck profile has been carved to a medium "C" shape.  Round, .84" at the first fret, .95" at the 12th.  Medium taper, very comfortable.  Nut width is 1.67", 2.04 width at the 12th fret.  The neck is finished in the same smooth and shiny hard oil finish as the body, and it just gets smoother and more comfortable the more you play.

The string path begins with unevenly placed rear string ferrules.  Pine makes my drill drift sometimes:)  Then the standard telestyle hardtail bridge, with brass roller saddles to help maintain tuning stability.  The graphite nylon nut and Kluson vintage style slotted head tuners do their parts as well.  Solid.

The pine body has a few dings and toolmarks.  Welcome to the pinecaster experience.  But it's also lightweight and has a wonderful, airy warm tone unplugged.

She weighs just 6lbs, 5oz.  You'll never want to put her down.  You'll never need to, either.

Tina--Cool Telestang Pinecaster With A Hot Stack! A Partscaster From Estes Electrostring