Sondra is great for a long night of jamming.  She weighs 6 1/2 lbs, so you can play her all night.  With a slim HSS setup, you'll have enough tonal options to keep you busy.

Her solid paulownia body is ultra light and surprisingly toneful.  The hard oil finish provides fingerprint and water resistance, as well as a nice shine.

Her neck is maple with a rosewood fretboard.  The fretboard has a 12" straight radius, and is topped with medium frets.  The neck is shreddy, with a .79" thickness at the 1st fret, and .85 at the 12th.  Nut width is 1.69", 2.06" at the 12th fret. It's also oil finished, so it just keeps getting shreddier the more you play!

The electronics start with a Dragonfire Lil' VB strat size humbucker in the bridge position.  Paffy tones in a small package!  Power to spare! The neck and mid pickups are Powered by Lace Vintage Wound--the perfect alnico companions to the ceramic Lil VB.  The high quality electronics include a coil tap switch so you can operate the bridge pickup in single coil mode for more strat-like tones.

The vintage style tuners hold your strings securely, while the Fender Vintage tremolo gives you smooth response.

Sondra's a lot of fun to play--and play and play...


Sondra--HSS Strat Light On Weight, Heavy on Tone!

A Shreddy Partscaster By Estes Electrostring