Once you pick Shiloh up, you'll never want to put her down.  The fact that she weighs just 6lbs 3oz makes it just that much harder to set her back on her stand.

Shiloh's body is 2 piece bookmatched extra light swamp ash.  Stunning figuring in the wood is brought out more by a natural hard oil finish. 

But the neck is even more special.  I've had this neck a long time, it's very rare, and I wanted to find a very special "home" for it.  The slim neck fit Shiloh's slim body like a glove.

The neck was pulled from a brand new, but unsold, "Jackson by Charvel" guitar (approximately 1986-1987).  It's thickness is an incredible .73" at the 1st fret, .83" at the 12th.  Very, very well made. A piece of maple this thin is still as straight as an arrow, with a working truss rod, more than 30 years since it was built.

The nut width is 1.62", and the width at the 12th fret is 2.1".  The radius is 10" straight, the frets are medium, and the inlays are real mother of pearl.  A real pleasure to play.

The pickups are super hot GFS Power Rails.  They have a tight high end, a huge bottom end, and a midrange "growl" from the huge ceramic magnet.  Sounds very similar to a "Super Distortion" pickup.  Huge sound in a small package!

The bridge is a Wilkinson WV50 balanced tremolo, which is the smoothest, most responsive tremolo bridge I have ever played.  Stays in tune very well, too, made even better by the Wilkinson roller nut (as fate would have it, the neck was already cut for one, since Charvel used to use a very similar nut.

The tuners are vintage style Wilkinson EZ Lok. Very stable.  Fender string guideThe tuners are vintage style Wilkinson EZ Lok. Very stable.  Fender string guides complete the equation.

The silky smooth body and neck are hard to put down, while the incredible voice makes it impossible to stop playing.

Her vitals:
6lbs, 3oz

25.5" scale length

Wilkinson WV50 balanced tremolo bridge

Wilkinson  locking tuners

Pickups--GFS Power Rails

Volume, tone, and pickup selector

Two piece extra light swamp ash body with a natural oil finish