Misha--Pretty "Parts Drawer Partscaster"! Dimebucker? Yeah!

Everybody who does this has drawers and/or boxes of guitar parts that are not quite new (so you don't want to put them on a new guitar), and are too good to throw away.  So I sometimes use them to build a brand new used guitar with features that you normally couldn't get on a sub-$300 instrument.

Misha's body is lightweight Paulownia wood clad on the front in celluloid, similar to the way drum shells are made.  She weighs 6 lbs!

The back is finished with a black dye and hard oil finish.  The edge is coated in black polyurethane.

The neck is from a Fender Starcaster.  I've rehabilitated it.  It's made of really nice wood.  I removed the frets and all hardware, and carved it into a slimmer, slightly flatter profile.  It's now .81" at the first fret, .86" at the 12th.

I sanded the fretboard to radius, and replaced the frets with brand new medium jumbo frets.  Add a new brass nut and Wilkinson EZ Lok tuners, and we have a badass brand new used neck!

I never thought I'd ever have a project that was just right for that "Zebra Shell" pickguard, until I tried it out on this body.  Looks great!  Another part out of the drawer to stay.

The pickups are killer!  A real live Seymour Duncan Dimebucker paired with two powerful overwound single coil pickups.  The Dimebucker is used, but sounds better than ever.  Pickups tend to "break in" with age, so these are better than new!  Except for the light scratches, of course.

I have to confess.  I have no idea what brand the two single coil pickups are or where they came from.  They appear to be new, but I'm not 100% sure.

But they have a huge, full toneset, and hang quite well with the Dimebucker.

The electronics are all brand new and include a volume control, tone control, 5 way pickup selector switch, and a coil tap switch so you can operate the Dimebucker as a single coil pickup, for even more tonal variety!

The bridge is a Wilkinson two point tremolo, which  has been modified to fit this body.  These are the best designed trems ever, imho.    You can play it either floating or in bend down only mode, for more traditional sounds and greater tuning stability.

This all adds up to a recipe for an overall aggressively bright toneset.  To warm things up, use the neck pickup by itself, or the neck and mid together.

This is a really fun guitar!

I've hidden all the specs in the above description.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  Rock on!