Stacy--Awesome Rocky Mtn Partscaster! From Estes Electrostring

Stacy is a Rocky Mountain Partscaster with tons of tone and character.  She looks sweet, but she packs a punch with her high powered rail humbucker in the bridge (with a coil tap for single coil tones).  It's the same as a "Fat Strat" layout, only without the heavy humbucker.

Her neck is one piece Pau Ferro, also known as Brazilian Rosewood.  The natural waxiness of the wood makes it slicker and smoother the more you play.  It also has a natural warmth that you just can't get with a maple neck.

It measures .84" thick at the 1st fret and .87" at the 12th.  Nut width is 1.68".

The body is Basswood with a mahogany red oil and dye finish.  Hard and smooth,  wipe with a soft cloth to keep her nice and shiny!

The bridge pickup is a GFS "Lil Killer" rail humbucker, and the neck and bridge pickups are Wilkinson Hot.

Thumbwheel tuners hold the strings at one end, a standard tremolo brdige holds the other end.  In between, a graphite string nut helps keep her in tune, no matter how much you abuse the whammy bar.

Within reason, of course.


Stacy--7 lbs of Rocky Mountain tone, versatility, and attitude!