Sheila--Strat Pinecaster! A Partscaster From Estes Electrostring

Sheila is a pinecaster with some history.  Her body is made of cedar that was reclaimed from a demolished house.  So not only is it recycled, it's also well aged.

These bodies are amazingly toneful.  Play her unplugged and you may not even want to plug her in!  But do anyway.

The body has been dyed, and finished with a fingerprint and water resistant hard oil finish.  Nice and shiny, and stays that way with an occasional rubdown with a dry soft cloth.

The neck is genuine Fender.  It was pulled from a brand new Fender Stratacoustic. Fantastic maple shaft with a nice looking rosewood fretboard.  25.5" scale length, 9.5" radius.

It also feels great.  I don't usually like lacquered necks, but this one is quite comfortable.  It's pretty shreddy, too.  .80" thick at the first fret, .88" at the 12th. Nut width is 1.65", 2.06" at the 12th fret.

The original tuners are still on the neck.  I replaced the flimsy string trees with chrome button string retainers.  Out with the plastic nut, in with a graphite nylon nut, for continuous string lubrication.

The pickups are a set of GFS Pro-Tube Lipstick.  Wound a bit hot with alnico 2 magnets, they have a sparkly high end, a smooth midrange and a somewhat pinched bottom end.  The middle pickup is reverse wound, for noise cancellation in switch positions 2 and 5.

The controls are a 5 way pickup selector switch, master volume, and two master tones with a selector switch.  Each of the two tone controls has a different tone filter, and the selector switch allows to use either one on its own, or both together.

The bridge is a GFS Big Brass Block tremolo.  The full sized brass block maximizes sustain and adds stability.

At 7 lbs 11 oz, she won't wear you out too quickly.  Try it!  Buy Sheila today.  You just need one more guitar, and Sheila is the one!