Exotic woods, sleek looks, and tons of vintage tone!

Rhonda has a thinline style body that's quite resonant, due to it's dual chambered construction.  The zebra wood top would normally produce huge bright tones, but the chambered alder body reins it in a bit. It also makes this guitar very light (less than 6 lbs!)

The white korina neck, with its macassar ebony fretboard is also set up for big tone.  Korina is another wood that is naturally a bit waxy, and the more you play, the more slick and polished the neck becomes.

I made the control plate out of bloodwood.  You will notice that the controls consist of a three way switch and a volume control.  All of our guitars are fully custiomizable, so let me know at checkout if you want a tone control (I prefer bleeder caps, but that's me) added at no extra charge.

The pickups are GFS Surf 90's, which live up to their name, producing vintage single coil tones that are great for surf or classic rock. Among others, of course.

Hipshot locking tuners at one end, and a Wilkinson adjustable compensated one piece bridge hold down the strings.  Very well, I must say.

Finally, the "f-hole" is an early version of my logo, and I think it makes a bold statement.


Body--chambered on both sides, alder with zebra wood top

Neck--25.5" scale length

Neck Thickness at first fret--.75"

Neck thickness at 12th fret--.84"

Nut width--1.63"

Width at 12th fret--2"

White korina with macassar ebony fretboard

No inlays, mother of pearl side dots

Hand carved bone nut

Medium jumbo frets

Hipshot locking tuners

Wilkinson adjustable compensation wraparound bridge

GFS Surf 90 pickups


Three way switch selects either or both pickups

One volume

5 lbs, 12 oz!

Let me know if you have any questions.