Wanda has a wicked look that will really turn heads while you shred!

But she's not just a pretty face.  Look down at the bridge.  A genuine NOS (new old stock) Floyd Rose 2 bridge.  I like these very much and wish that someone was still making them.  Unlike other Floyd's, you don't have to cut the string ends off, and they stay in tune just as well as the original.

The body is recessed below the bridge to allow you maximum whammy in BOTH directions!

Her GFS VEH (Vintage Extra Hot) pickups have incredible range and balance.  They're as at home playing classic rock as they are playing metal.

And that neck!  Maple shaft with a very nicely figured rosewood fretboard.  24 medium jumbo frets.

The best part--the neck profile.  One of my "Shred-D" necks, it has a slightly flattened profile.  .77" at the first fret, .81" at the twelfth.

Add to that the hard oil finish on the neck, and you have one comfortable neck that you won't want to let go of!

The body is finished with the same hard oil finish as the neck, after a wicked dye job.  On top of that, the body has been waxed with carnauba wax that gives it a natural shine, while resisting fingerprints.  Water (and even beer) beads up on it.

Head to toe:

Thumbwheel locking tuners
Floyd Rose locking string nut and string retainer bar
24 fret maple/rosewood neck
GFS "VEH--Vintage Extra Hot" neck and bridge pickups
New old stock Floyd Rose 2 locking tremolo bridge with body recess
Electrostring mojo!